Distribution  of  Burnells from the 2012 Electoral Register


This map shows the actual number of people named Burnell who are listed in the 2012 Electoral Register for the UK. It should be noted that this will exclude children and those who have chosen to withhold their details from the public register or who have failed to register. 

The data is arranged by postcode and so location is pinpointed more precisely than was possible in the maps for Burnell births, where the data was organised on the basis of historical counties.

In particular, it can be seen how the Yorkshire Burnells are concentrated in a relatively small area around Leeds. This is equally true in the maps for Burnell Births 1500 - 1949, but is not apparent as the figures there are shown against the whole county of Yorkshire.

It is interesting that the modern distribution is very similar to the distribution in the 18th century, despite the supposed greater mobility of our modern society. Although some of the clusters of Burnells coincide with major centres of population, such as London, this is not universally the case. Note how few Burnells there are in the major conurbations of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

In contrast, Somerset and North Devon are largely rural areas but have high numbers of Burnells.